Dec 9, 2022

5 Major NBT Updates Introduction

Good day everyone. Just want to let you know that we have executed buyback of NBT from Private Sale participants that wanted to sell their NBT. We can even be more confident that we have #DiamonHands within our community and we should not be too worried about selling pressure from Private Sale users.


In the past few weeks we have done a lot of stuffs to grow ecosystem of NanoByte, and next week we will give a glimpse of what we have been developing and what it means to #NBTHodlers.


This week we will not publish short weekly update, but instead, in the next few days we will release 5 articles and updates as below


Article 1: Staking on (DeFi)


Article 2: Staking on Nanovest (CeFi, only for Indonesian folks)


Article 3: Nano marketplace


Article 4: Roadmap to Nanovest full launch and Nanoverse Summit 2


Article 5: Program, campaign, and privilege for NBT hodlers on Nanovest full app and beyond


That’s it for now. Won’t say much more today, but expect more info and exciting stuffs next week 😬



Tommy, on behalf of Nano team



P.s When we designed these 5 programs above, we always put our head as investors and holders of NBT. You can interpret this message however you like 😉