Dec 9, 2022

Nano Update Week of April 15

Hi #NanoSquad


Below is quick update from NBT this week.


NBT is now on Ethereum

From the beginning, we always say that we want to go multi chain with NBT. This is because we believe that different blockchain protocols have their own merit. We chose to start with BSC because of its low gas fee and its huge user base in our home market, Indonesia. However, as we started to go to other markets, it’s important to also be on Ethereum because Ethereum has the most active developers and huge number of high net worth investors. As of this week, we are officially on Ethereum! If you guys haven’t tried it, please try to buy NBT on Uniswap and be our first 1,000 holders. We will reward our first 1,000 holders on Ethereum with something exciting!


Partnership with Danamas

Most of you are probably aware that we are officially partnering with Danamas to launch innovative P2P lending using your NBT. Now NBT holders can get fiat loan from Danamas at very attractive rate. This is also marking the new beginning of crypto adoption in Indonesia, where NBT is accepted not just by crypto institutions, but also traditional financial service that was historically against crypto. Crypto is going mainstream in Indonesia and we want to lead the way with NBT.


Business development

Few notable development that we are doing currently

· Staking. After launching NBT on Ethereum, our next development is staking program. We hope that with this, NBT holders have more incentive to hold the token

· CEX listing. We know you guys are waiting, and rest assured our team is all hands on deck to ensure the next CEX listing goes smoothly


For now, that’s it from our side. Thank you for keep supporting us, we will continue to give update to our community.



Nano team