Dec 9, 2022

Nano Update Week of April 22

Hi #NanoSquad


Below is quick update from NBT this week.



This week we have focused our effort to push for our next listing that you will be hearing soon. This won’t be the last listing, so our team has also been in contact with players globally to list NBT. More listings will be coming J


Business development

Few notable development that we are doing currently

· Multi chain bridge. We are partnering with to allow users to bridge their NBT from BSC to Ethereum, and vice versa. This will allow users to unlock more opportunities, including playing arbitrage between blockchains.

· Staking. The front end mock up is ready, and our smart contract is 90% done. However deployment might take some more time because we want to wait for audit first given the high security risk of staking.

· NBT utility. We are in discussion with few more companies to add more utilities for NBT (unfortunately we cannot announce the name now). You know we already announced our partnership with Danamas, so you can expect more partnership like that – partnership that will not simply add circulating NBT supply in the market, but also create demand for people to buy NBT.

· Liquidity provider. We are also in talk with large liquidity provider to increase size and depth of our liquidity. This is important before we go from Indonesia market to global market because liquidity can display confidence in the order book that allow large accumulation of tokens at reasonable slippage, and at the same time deter manipulative trading by showing depth.


For now, that’s it from our side. Thank you for keep supporting us, we will continue to give update to our community.



Nano team