Dec 9, 2022

Nano Update Week of May 6

Hi #NanoSquad


First, we apologize for lack of update in the past week since our second listing day (Indodax) on April 28. Since then, our team took a week off during Eid holiday. Ever since start of covid pandemic, we all have been working non-stop and last week was the first break we all had.


As a venture, we want to make sure that NanoByte is a long term project and we take care of wellbeing of our team seriously. After all, how can we run a successful venture if we cannot take care of our team first and foremost?


Now that we just had a week off, this week we are running back full speed!


Below is quick update from NBT this week.



We just had a new addition to the team: Liany. Liany is a seasoned businesswoman and also crypto enthusiast. She previously worked in Accenture, HSBC, and also Sinarmas. She will specifically help us in launching full version of Nanovest, and her focus will be on ensuring Nanovest can launch full version where NanoByte holder can expect lots of benefit. Please welcome Liany to the team. #NBTHodler, be nice to her so she can focus on giving lots of benefit to hodler!


Business development

Few notable development that we are doing currently

· Listing. We continuously speak to multiple exchanges. As always, we will inform you guys when we lock the partnership.

· Staking. We have done initial design for staking on nanovest app and website. It’s coming soon everyone

· NBT utility. Before the break, we informed you guys that we are doing another partnership similar to the one with Danamas. We have come up with initial design and will probably announce this before staking (because contract is simple enough that doesn’t need us to queue in audit)


For now, that’s it from our side. Thank you for keep supporting us, we will continue to give update to our community.



Nano team