Dec 8, 2022

NBT update week of April 1

Hi #NanoSquad


Below is quick update on NBT for this week.


Dubai Blockchain Week

Blockchain week is over and it’s been a productive trip for us. We have met with potential investors, centralized and decentralized exchanges, and even regulator in UAE. Since it’s Binance event, we also managed to meet some of most senior people from Binance there. Unfortunately we could not meet CZ because he got COVID but overall it’s been a productive week for us. This also marks the first time ever Nano is going outside of Indonesia, so it’s definitely a huge learning for us! We are just starting to introduce Nano brand globally. Should we create AMA purely to share our experience in Dubai Blockchain Week? Some of you might go to crypto events in the future, so it’s gonna be an interesting sharing session.


Use case for NBT

It might look like it’s all conference and after party in Dubai, but the work goes on both in Dubai and in our HQ in Jakarta. Some of notable progress in making use cases for NBT:


· We have finalized user experience for NBT tradable in Nanovest. We initially wanted to launch it together with our 2nd CEX listing, but to make sure we can get the most impact of it, we probably make the NBT tradable in Nanovest as 3rd CEX listing (few weeks after 2nd CEX listing). We do this to make sure we can balance supply and demand, and to make sure we have time to promote NBT continuously.


· NBT might soon be used as collateral to get loan in traditional financial service. Please keep it quiet until we finalize the mechanism, but this is happening sooner than you might thing. It’s just a first step to make NBT truly mainstream and not just being used in crypto bubble!


· We have kick started process to make crypto credit card and integration with marketplaces. Detail will come up in coming months.



Nano Team